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Log Siding Coating Restoration
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Total Coating Package

  • This is the process of finishing your project using the most economical and coating recommended method of pre-finishing or on-site application - but still keeping "Quality" as our highest priority!

  •  Crew leaders who have more than 18 years of experience

  • Insured

  • Cover areas from Iowa East and Georgia North
Painting - Staining - Priming - Caulking - Log Home Restoration - Dry Wall Repair - Stripping - Interior Clear Coating - Deck Re-Finishing -Railing Restoration

     *** Almost any finish you desire can be applied. ***

Long Term Maintenance Inspection
Woodland Finishing System's Long Term Maintenance provides you with peace of mind when it comes to preserving your home's exterior.  The Wood Care Specialist perform the inspection and will send you a copy of the results along with any recommendations.

There is no obligation to have us perform any work and we will be happy to work with your painter.

The Long Term Maintenance Inspection includes the following:

Analyze Moisture Content
Inspect Finish Color & Appearance
Degradation of Finish
Inspect Supports & Structural Logs or Timbers
Inspect Railing & Spindles
Inspect Doors & Windows
Inspect Corners
Look for Mod, Mildew, Cracks
Inspect Caulk and/or Chinking
Inspect Decks