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  • Log Siding
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Features and Benefits of Pre-Finishing with Woodland

Finished work is ready for installation - Curb Appeal

Fast project completion time - Generally less than 2 weeks from product arrival to shipping

Construction year lengthened

All surfaces receive uniform finish that cannot be duplicated on site - Exterior coatings are applied on all sides - front, back, edges & ends of every piece

Saves time and costs over finishing on-site

Eliminates weather delays, no down time, no waiting for painters

The coatings can be applied year round and stored/warehoused until you are ready for the materials

Eliminates expensive on-site cleanup problems

Prevents sudden showing of bare areas due to wood shrinkage

Exterior coatings are brushed into surface of wood to achieve optimum uniformity and spread rate

Wood is deglazed when needed which improves coating adhesion

Use the exterior coating or color of your choice

On-Site Crews available to provide a Total Coating Package

Discounts on pricing (Contractor/Builder, Lumber Yards, Wholesaler)
Finishes:   Almost any finish you desire can be applied.
Sikkens       Sherwin-Williams       Sansin       Perma-Chink       Structures Wood Care      MinWax   Cabots   Old Masters     Wood Iron    PPG-SunProof