1)         Payment Terms

50% down 


2)         Credit Card Use

Woodland will accept credit and debit cards with a 3.6% surcharge added


3)         Moisture Content

If moisture content of the product is above the coating manufacturers recommendations, the customer will be contacted. If customer requests that Woodland coat at this high moisture content then all warranties are waived and a sign off from customer will be required.


4)         Temperature

The temperature of the product must be above coating manufacturer’s recommendations to make the coatings perform properly.  If the temperature is not suitable enough it will affect the start date/time of the project.  Customer will be contacted.


5)         Quality of Supplied Products

Material supplier is responsible for the quality of the product. If Woodland finds that the quality of the supplied product is such that it would not produce good results then the supplier will be contacted before production is completed or started to discuss or authorize additional work.


6)         Project Information

Complete information is required when submitting a new project. This information will include color for pre-finishing, quantities of each profile, which sides to be finished, type of material, and how many coats to be applied.  Failure to provide project information will result in a delay of the start of the project. (The groove and bottom side of tongue are only lightly sprayed if at all to alievate binding issues during installation)


7)         Color Sample Board Approval

A color sample may need to be approved and signed prior to the project being scheduled or started. The aforementioned sample should be the exact profile of wood being stained Example: Rough sawn job should include a rough sawn sample sign off.


8)         Color Selection and approval

Color selection must be clearly stated. Customer acceptance sheet must be signed and submitted. Due to the nature of matching, and mixing colors, and the nature of wood the colors may not always be exactly the same as the sample. Wood grains, density, mill or sanding differences and type of materials being applied causes stains and colors to look differently.


9)         Matching Colors

A $75.00 customization charge may be assessed.


10)        Shipping

Woodland is not responsible for the product once it is loaded onto the shipping vehicle.


11)        Woodland Delivery

Woodland is not responsible for the product once it is removed from the truck. Claims for damage must be made at the time of delivery, foam inserts between rows, if provided, should be left in place..


12)        Minimum Fee

Any orders that do not meet a $35.00 net total will be charged a minimum fee of $35.00.


13)        Protection

Foam inserts will be placed, as needed, between finished products to protect the finished finish.  Woodland is not responsible for the quality of the finish once the inserts are removed.

14)        Changing Orders

No change of any scope of work on any project can be guaranteed unless it is done in writing or by email, with an acknowledgement from Woodland. Verbals don't count.

15)         All Sides Defined

When the term all sides is used in prefinishing it does not include the grooved edge.